Reckoning Dystopia

by Fetocide

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released April 28, 2017

Recorded by Ingo Neugebauer at Larvae Studios Rastede 03.2014 - 04.2015.

Mixed and mastered by Cord Hanken at Art Temple Studio Wardenburg 02.2016 - 03.2016.

All songs written and performed by Fetocide.

"Soma" by André Janssen
"Blindfold" by Malte Peters / Ingo Neugebauer
"Martyrs" by Ingo Neugebauer
"Pulsating" by Malte Peters / Ingo Neugebauer
"Insurrection" by Malte Peters / Ingo Neugebauer
"Darkness of the Ocean" by Alexander Popken

All narrative parts spoken by Alexander Popken.
Additional parts on ”Reckoning Dystopia” by Laura Stührenberg.
All narrative parts are excerpts from publishings by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Ally Condie and Søren Kierkegaard.

Additional vocals on “Darkness of the Ocean”, “Martyrs” and “Pulsating” by Bernd Reiners of Slaughterday.

Cover artwork by Tobias “Bloodboy” Huber.
Cover design and layout by Jens Bachmayer.


all rights reserved



Fetocide Oldenburg, Germany

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Track Name: Soma

the flower of present rosily bloomed
oblivion of future and past
afar from yourself, beyond time and space
floating through oceans so vast

no side effects will harm your return
from a realm without fear and despair
what once demanded an effort of will
now compressed into a small pill
of soma

a few years of lifetime
the price there's to pay
for timelessness precisely dosed
worry - no longer a burden to bear
reality softly enclosed

comprehensive bliss
wrapped in cotton wool
negation of the self
sedation for the fool

the flower of present withered and trod
brave new world

overdose of hedonism
no escape from escapism
Track Name: Blindfold

blindfold my eyes
in ignorance of what life beholds
almost there but yet
inaccessible for a barred mind
inaccessible for my mind

bound to a stoical repetitive manner of unease
my sight narrowed to an infinite circle
i live my life reigned by their burdens
fanning my fears

fearfully i close my eyes from this life
desires oppressed to beware the safety of isolation
desocialised my life passes by
outside of the dangers of relation

scarifying facilities
announced freedom engaging
my inner equilibrium
gaining desire for regulation

scarifying facilities
what is called freedom
i name fate
and submission becomes the wish

in a perfect system sterilely parcelled from everything
deterioration caused from the outside
the stillest doubt harming, inflicting,
polluting the fragile building of safety
Track Name: Martyrs

from time immemorial
mankind's craving for wisdom
and certainty of what lies beneath

dare to enact the unspeakable, unthinkable act
driven by the frailty of desiring sheer knowledge
overstraining the borders of philanthropy

eyes are the mirror
for what's unseen
drifting when revealing

bigoted we are
bound to our fragmentary senses

intimidated we shun
what lurks beneath the shroud
avoid to bargain a putative safety
for a harvest of unpredictable manner

intimidated we shun
what lurks beneath the shroud
bound in anguish we emit life
and embrace the random
Track Name: Pulsating

driven by a continuous pulse
the steady breath of creation
spawning existence into the void
eternal bound to modify its own shape

pulse - singular absorbent mess
obliged to gather all existence
by - multimasking entities
inheriting forces beyond cognition
all - matter, time and space
diminished to none, omniscient non-existence
forge - overarching multitudes
of known presence into a single
digit - devours itself
from everything that's known to man
forge - overarching multitudes
of known presence to singularity

to create, elongate, decelerate and
overturn, then collapse, though insinuate

from beyond oblivion expanding into negative
fed by denial of its former shape

mirrored into emptiness
structured patterns evolving
from a pre-existent template
perfectly sketching its own negative in chaos

all derived
a pulse of devourment
Track Name: Darkness of the Ocean

caught in the middle of a nightmare
born as a slave
walking predetermined ways every day
living default values and pining away

it's a mechanic colossus, created to destroy
in which every gear is defining my life

worthlessness destroys my soul

i need to free myself
from the constricting chains of totality
i'll never see your glowing eyes again
when i'm drowning in the darkness of the ocean

grew up in disillusion
supposed to be free
a brood without a purpose
without integrity
feeling is rebellion
apathy is the law
mass-producing spineless machines

freedom is slavery
ignorance is strength
we're born to perish in unity
the assignation of man

torturing the worthless, distinct mind

in this world of totality
no escape
from the darkness of the ocean

i need to flee from these chains of totality

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